SLG built its reputation advising and representing investors, institutions, and financial professionals in complex securities matters. Founded in 2003, by Alan Sparer after 20 years with a large San Francisco law firm, SLG’s lawyers have a combined 60-plus years of litigation experience serving clients in litigation matters.

SLG’s investor practice focuses on specialty financial products such as CDOs, auction rate securities, private equity, and derivative-based products. We represent investors in arbitrations, and in class and collective actions in federal and state court. Altogether our lawyers have assisted clients in recovering over $100 million in lost or illiquid investments.

SLG’s securities regulation practice consists in representing hedge funds, investment advisors and financial professionals who face adverse action from the SEC, FINRA and/or state regulators. Whether the matter involves the Investment Advisors Act, the U.S. Securities Acts, or state Blue Sky laws, we provide a vigorous defense while seeking a quick, informal resolution when possible.

SLG’s business practice includes litigation and counseling in diverse areas including real estate, trust and probate, trade secrets, professional liability, insurance, and health care.

We offer alternative and contingent fee arrangements, and our hourly fees are generally one-third or less than rates at large San Francisco and New York law firms.

Sparer Law Blog - News and Commentary on the Financial Meltdown

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  • $5.5 Million recovery of investor losses from “inverse” mutual fund.
  • Arbitration Award upholding real estate investment partnerships valued in excess of $5 Million.
  • $2.665 Million recovery of losses from sale of illiquid auction rate securities.
  • $21.5 Million recovery of funds frozen in auction rate securities.